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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The HEAT is on in BORACAY!

Enjoy fabulous days in summer in the the most fave get-away -Boracay

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friendship in the Cyberworld

I always caught myself reading friends' blog, comments on Friendster and shoutout in Facebook. It sounds crazy but somehow I feel I am stuck with being a teenager and that I never had lost them both in time and in distance. I still laugh at their corny jokes and lost for air with their antiques. It was a great life, a great friendship I had with them a decade ago when high school life is at its bloom and still am in touch with almost all of them. I never found myself alone or lonely 24/7 because right at the tip of my fingertip skype or ym is available to chat with a friend here or abroad.

I know we all live different lives now, walk different path and threading our own dreams, its just nice to know that we are still in connected.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

2nd Place SEM Programmer & 5th Place Top SEO Programmer for Nov2009

Things are becoming rosier each day for me. I have nothing to thank but the good Lord for making things possible. After being on top 5 last October for Top SEO Programmer, I made it again on the list and now I am on 5th Place again.I can't believe that I am following a friend and a great mentor to GT and ODESKJanneth.Kudos Jans!What's even more surprising is I made it on the 2nd Place Top SEM Programmer for Nov too.

I wish to share my humble knowledge to inspiring SEO Specialist here in my blog if time would permit me (kinda busy with work and the holiday preparation not to mention scouting a KUMON Center for my sweetie).But I would pledge myself to be an active blogger next year to share my inputs in successfully ranking a site in the first page of Google.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am Top 5 SEO Programmer for Oct 2009!

Finally all my hard work payed off-I made it to the Top 5 SEO Programmer for Oct 2009 in ODESK.Its kinda scary, challenging and fulfilling. I am just a newbie in this field of Search Engine Optimization and I know that I have just touched the tip of the iceberg but I am up to the challenge. This means honing my craft better, studying new rules of Google, Yahoo and Bing's algorithm to make it to the top spot using white hat techniques in SEO and learning the tricks of PPC.

I have been included several times in the Most Active Provider in the Philippines and everytime I made it, it has been very fulfilling. And from then on I work night and day even sometimes am working offline (which means no pay since I work on an hourly basis LOL) just to be in my dream list of Top SEO Programmer. I still have nothing to boast on this field but I am more than willing to learn, research and excel. I just love what I am doing right now and feel blessed that somehow the career that I have chosen has recognized all my efforts.

My next target-Top Earners in ODESK hahahahha...This one I am not that serious about but who knows, I can get real lucky sometimes (*in a row)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Freelance Mom

I wasn't able to bid adieu to 2008 and I must admit that I have been a such a lousy blogger. My last post was Oct 2008 and after that I have been so busy with a lot of things that took me away from my blog. I wasn't able to say my melo-drama of parting ways with my computer shop which I considered as my other baby for almost three years. However, continuing the biz won't be wiser since my baby is growing up and hubby and I have to find ways to spend more time with her, quality time that is...

I failed to say how happy I am on being a full time freelancer for odesk from november 2008. It was amazingly fulfilling for me financially and career wise. I have dealt with a lot of problems but gracefully managed them all after all I have all the luxury of time to think of it and decide wisely.I got my fave office mate with me 24/7-Yanna!So nothing seems unbearable for me becoz she is around.

I am oozing with fire on being an SEO specialist (search engine optimization). Its one hell of a job and sometimes I have to work offline hours just so I would be able to get desired results for my clients .On my next post I would share some tips and would show you real time Google results I was able to achieve for my clients.

Just wanna say that I am back blogging and I am back with a BANG!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Missing Him...

Hubby is now in Dubai and I miss him so much.Its already 4th of October and its almost my birthday.A few more days and I'd be a year older.A week after its his' birthday.You guess it right, we were both born on October and its great coz we get to save a lil for celebrating just once. And if I conceive right after our honeymoon, Yanna would be born in October as well as we were married on 15th of Jan...But things changed, instead we made her on October and was born in the month of July.Hayyyzzz, am I making sense here.I just wanted to pour my longing to the sweetest guy on earth-hubby!

He went to Singapore last Monday, then Sri Lanka and now Dubai.I just hope he'll make it before
my birthday.Its been a good year for me and hubby. Alot of good opportunities came our way and we are so thankful.I know and I have faith, things will be alot greener for us next year.Oh!I can't wait for my dream house....our new home.But for now its a lot of work and saving up to do.Thanks God coz another client just hired me, I hope I would be able to deliver according to his expectations from me.

For whatever the future holds for us, I know its God's grace...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ramblings of a Work-at-Home-MOM

I know.It's been a decade since I posted here.Errrr, I have been busy and I mean really busy with tons of work from 5 clients.Oppsss, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.In fact, I have never been this happy with my career than now.I am so thankful knowing that every hour I face the tube I am very well compensated.Its kinda crazy sometimes coz you jump from one boss to another; from one task to another that there are times you ask who's who and who's asking you this task...I just laugh it out when my hands are burning and mind is stimulated to the ntthhhhh power.Gee, I am rocking the cyberworld!It's as if I've been sleeping for decades and now I am back, and am back with a bang!

Gosh! I love what I am doing.I hear Yanna' laughters as I work in the corner.I can even join her if I want to whenever I want to.Isn't fantastic!Oh!I forgot to mention I've been learning alot too.I can't enumerate it here coz for sure I myself won't be able to mention all of it here LOL.I am blessed with good bosses too.Of course, first on the list is Ajay-the silliest, nuttiest Indian boss I have.I love Ajay so much for a boss.He is online almost 24/7 so if things are going crazy he is there to teach me.Kinda crazy sometimes but he is so great!More of a friend than a boss to me.
The others, I'l ljust discuss later.

Working as a virtual assistant is indeed the best thing for me.I have great bosses who are far far far better than the physical bosses I had here.I get to learn about their cultures, companies and alot of stuff all from the comfort of my home.