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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ramblings of a Work-at-Home-MOM

I know.It's been a decade since I posted here.Errrr, I have been busy and I mean really busy with tons of work from 5 clients.Oppsss, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.In fact, I have never been this happy with my career than now.I am so thankful knowing that every hour I face the tube I am very well compensated.Its kinda crazy sometimes coz you jump from one boss to another; from one task to another that there are times you ask who's who and who's asking you this task...I just laugh it out when my hands are burning and mind is stimulated to the ntthhhhh power.Gee, I am rocking the cyberworld!It's as if I've been sleeping for decades and now I am back, and am back with a bang!

Gosh! I love what I am doing.I hear Yanna' laughters as I work in the corner.I can even join her if I want to whenever I want to.Isn't fantastic!Oh!I forgot to mention I've been learning alot too.I can't enumerate it here coz for sure I myself won't be able to mention all of it here LOL.I am blessed with good bosses too.Of course, first on the list is Ajay-the silliest, nuttiest Indian boss I have.I love Ajay so much for a boss.He is online almost 24/7 so if things are going crazy he is there to teach me.Kinda crazy sometimes but he is so great!More of a friend than a boss to me.
The others, I'l ljust discuss later.

Working as a virtual assistant is indeed the best thing for me.I have great bosses who are far far far better than the physical bosses I had here.I get to learn about their cultures, companies and alot of stuff all from the comfort of my home.