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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Missing Him...

Hubby is now in Dubai and I miss him so much.Its already 4th of October and its almost my birthday.A few more days and I'd be a year older.A week after its his' birthday.You guess it right, we were both born on October and its great coz we get to save a lil for celebrating just once. And if I conceive right after our honeymoon, Yanna would be born in October as well as we were married on 15th of Jan...But things changed, instead we made her on October and was born in the month of July.Hayyyzzz, am I making sense here.I just wanted to pour my longing to the sweetest guy on earth-hubby!

He went to Singapore last Monday, then Sri Lanka and now Dubai.I just hope he'll make it before
my birthday.Its been a good year for me and hubby. Alot of good opportunities came our way and we are so thankful.I know and I have faith, things will be alot greener for us next year.Oh!I can't wait for my dream house....our new home.But for now its a lot of work and saving up to do.Thanks God coz another client just hired me, I hope I would be able to deliver according to his expectations from me.

For whatever the future holds for us, I know its God's grace...