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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Missing Him...

Hubby is now in Dubai and I miss him so much.Its already 4th of October and its almost my birthday.A few more days and I'd be a year older.A week after its his' birthday.You guess it right, we were both born on October and its great coz we get to save a lil for celebrating just once. And if I conceive right after our honeymoon, Yanna would be born in October as well as we were married on 15th of Jan...But things changed, instead we made her on October and was born in the month of July.Hayyyzzz, am I making sense here.I just wanted to pour my longing to the sweetest guy on earth-hubby!

He went to Singapore last Monday, then Sri Lanka and now Dubai.I just hope he'll make it before
my birthday.Its been a good year for me and hubby. Alot of good opportunities came our way and we are so thankful.I know and I have faith, things will be alot greener for us next year.Oh!I can't wait for my dream house....our new home.But for now its a lot of work and saving up to do.Thanks God coz another client just hired me, I hope I would be able to deliver according to his expectations from me.

For whatever the future holds for us, I know its God's grace...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ramblings of a Work-at-Home-MOM

I know.It's been a decade since I posted here.Errrr, I have been busy and I mean really busy with tons of work from 5 clients.Oppsss, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.In fact, I have never been this happy with my career than now.I am so thankful knowing that every hour I face the tube I am very well compensated.Its kinda crazy sometimes coz you jump from one boss to another; from one task to another that there are times you ask who's who and who's asking you this task...I just laugh it out when my hands are burning and mind is stimulated to the ntthhhhh power.Gee, I am rocking the cyberworld!It's as if I've been sleeping for decades and now I am back, and am back with a bang!

Gosh! I love what I am doing.I hear Yanna' laughters as I work in the corner.I can even join her if I want to whenever I want to.Isn't fantastic!Oh!I forgot to mention I've been learning alot too.I can't enumerate it here coz for sure I myself won't be able to mention all of it here LOL.I am blessed with good bosses too.Of course, first on the list is Ajay-the silliest, nuttiest Indian boss I have.I love Ajay so much for a boss.He is online almost 24/7 so if things are going crazy he is there to teach me.Kinda crazy sometimes but he is so great!More of a friend than a boss to me.
The others, I'l ljust discuss later.

Working as a virtual assistant is indeed the best thing for me.I have great bosses who are far far far better than the physical bosses I had here.I get to learn about their cultures, companies and alot of stuff all from the comfort of my home.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home-based jobs

This is indeed a great blessing for me;I stumbled a data entry job three months ago in one of the forums. One of my cyber friend introduced this and from then on I started to rock the cyberspace. Sometimes I still can't believe that I am earning good enough while I take care of Yanna and man my internet cafe. It used to be a boring day for me in the shop but now new learnings and great income are flowing.Thanks to my friends in GT, they have been so supportive to me when I was just starting. They refer me to this wonderful site I stumbled another and another but this one is indeed This has gave me a jood job which pays well.

I must admit I can't go on fulltime on this because who wants to scratch other's head while I leaved my own business at bay. But with a good time management I am handling both gracefully.

I have always believe in the old adage "You never know how far you can go from the point you though it was the end" and sure enough I have a long way to go for my home-based job. I used to battle the neverending traffic, tireless days of accounting and marketing, open houses on saturdays and sundays and hurdle my weird boss acting like gods in the office. But now, I can still augment my family's income and be available for their needs.Thanks also to my boss who has been giving me good tasks on a flexi sched-Mr. AK.

I know I am not the right person to tell this but allow me to say that home-based jobs are far better than working in the corporate world. Soon, when I'm able to do a replicable system for my icafe I would go fulltime on my VA work and I know that it would embrace me well.At the same time, I will build my other passive income.

For the year 2008 I'd say work smarter not harder...Work to enjoy life not the other way around; living to enjoy work!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Missing Hubby

I have been preparing since yesterday because I thought hubby would come home today. He is in Sri Lanka now boarding a ship. He was far from me and Yanna for two weeks. And today, I can feel the longing to be wrapped in his' loving arms; kissed by his sweet lips and laugh together as we watch Yanna do her tricks. I received a text that he'll be coming home on Monday instead. I am waiting patiently online and hope that I'd catch him in the cyber world, but to no avail. I am truly grateful for my husband. He is working hard for me and Yanna. He is a systems engineer installing some database in a ship in a far away land...away from me and Yanna. He is doing everything to assure that we will have a good life.He is also a very sweet guy. After three years of sweet marriage I can happily say that love is still burning. I must have done something good along the way to deserve my husband and daughter. I can write a ten page blog but still that won't be enough to express my joy.


I am thanking the Lord for this wonderful life with Al and Yanna

Friday, July 11, 2008

Alyanna Santer

I am a mom of a beautiful two year old girl-Alyanna Santer. I named her after her father Al Santer. Just by uttering her name I can feel my heart flip and flop for joy. She is such a darling to everyone. She is a happy child and I must admit she looks like her dad. Her eyes sparkle everytime she smiles. I love hearing her giggles and when she laugh; she could fill my heart with overwhelming joy. I must have don esomethig good along the way to deserve Yanna.