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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Missing Hubby

I have been preparing since yesterday because I thought hubby would come home today. He is in Sri Lanka now boarding a ship. He was far from me and Yanna for two weeks. And today, I can feel the longing to be wrapped in his' loving arms; kissed by his sweet lips and laugh together as we watch Yanna do her tricks. I received a text that he'll be coming home on Monday instead. I am waiting patiently online and hope that I'd catch him in the cyber world, but to no avail. I am truly grateful for my husband. He is working hard for me and Yanna. He is a systems engineer installing some database in a ship in a far away land...away from me and Yanna. He is doing everything to assure that we will have a good life.He is also a very sweet guy. After three years of sweet marriage I can happily say that love is still burning. I must have done something good along the way to deserve my husband and daughter. I can write a ten page blog but still that won't be enough to express my joy.


I am thanking the Lord for this wonderful life with Al and Yanna

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