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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Freelance Mom

I wasn't able to bid adieu to 2008 and I must admit that I have been a such a lousy blogger. My last post was Oct 2008 and after that I have been so busy with a lot of things that took me away from my blog. I wasn't able to say my melo-drama of parting ways with my computer shop which I considered as my other baby for almost three years. However, continuing the biz won't be wiser since my baby is growing up and hubby and I have to find ways to spend more time with her, quality time that is...

I failed to say how happy I am on being a full time freelancer for odesk from november 2008. It was amazingly fulfilling for me financially and career wise. I have dealt with a lot of problems but gracefully managed them all after all I have all the luxury of time to think of it and decide wisely.I got my fave office mate with me 24/7-Yanna!So nothing seems unbearable for me becoz she is around.

I am oozing with fire on being an SEO specialist (search engine optimization). Its one hell of a job and sometimes I have to work offline hours just so I would be able to get desired results for my clients .On my next post I would share some tips and would show you real time Google results I was able to achieve for my clients.

Just wanna say that I am back blogging and I am back with a BANG!

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