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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friendship in the Cyberworld

I always caught myself reading friends' blog, comments on Friendster and shoutout in Facebook. It sounds crazy but somehow I feel I am stuck with being a teenager and that I never had lost them both in time and in distance. I still laugh at their corny jokes and lost for air with their antiques. It was a great life, a great friendship I had with them a decade ago when high school life is at its bloom and still am in touch with almost all of them. I never found myself alone or lonely 24/7 because right at the tip of my fingertip skype or ym is available to chat with a friend here or abroad.

I know we all live different lives now, walk different path and threading our own dreams, its just nice to know that we are still in connected.

1 comment:

hungryheart13 said...

True that! I couldn't be thankful enough for the creation of networking sites! Whenever I read a friend's post or blog, I always feel that distance never matters and even after so long, you can go and talk or chat and start again right where you left off decades ago.. :)
I've missed you so much, friend, and thanks to fb et al, and we found ourselves sharing the same passion we shared before - words :)